17 Jan 2021 12:01 AM | Anonymous


This is it! The moment you have been waiting for. The runners have taken

their marks…the starter’s pistol is raised high and straight…AND we are off!

Your THREE prompts for Battle Tales VI: Pandemonium ARE: 

                      1.     An internet rabbit hole* 

                      2.     The panic of a pandemic style toilet paper shortage 

                      3.     A connection lost then found 

*where you end up somewhere unexpected in the online space

 It’s been a long year folks. We’ve all suffered from Zoom fatigue, bared the brunt of homeschooling toddlers, worked from home, sleepwalked, sleeptalked, and seriously worried for each other’s safety. But there have also been a few  laughs along the way— missed connections, your eighty year old father trying to work his way into a family thanksgiving Facetime, and the odd howl at the comments in Dr. M’s weekly daily briefings. And the river still rushed free after the winter, we had the beaches to ourselves all summer, and in a way, we began to make our own fun.  Admittedly, there were low points, but there were also unexpected things, beautiful things, delightful things. 

Steep the glory of your best pandemic moments into a 2,500 short story for us! Shine the light into the cracks of the places you wished you could have gone this year!   Or if you’ve just come off of a week of binge-watching The Crown, compose your best short fiction and tell me what your private secretary was doing with my private secretary with the candlestick in the library. 

And now it’s up to you.  Your story must incorporate all THREE prompts but after that, it’s all you.  Use them as a jumping off point, use them as a conclusion, use them in passing or use them as your primary proposition.  Use them creatively or use them passively, but be sure to use them in a way that blow our judge’s mind. 

We exit the arena and leave it to you, THE WORTHY, to battle harder than ever.  But it must be a fair fight, so the rules!  Remember - no names on your entries (Judging is blind!) You MUST be a resident of Prince Edward Island to enter, and we’re looking for stories under 2,500 words. Anything received by 11:59 pm on Sunday, January 24th, 2021 will be accepted.   GOOD LUCK, MIGHTY BATTLERS!!!






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